Meeting Chloe

Hey everyone! I have been looking at other blogs to try to meet more people in the blogging world. In my search I found this amazing girl that started her blog at the age of 15. Her name is Chloe Tear, and she is one amazing girl with CP. So I got to interview her!! And this is what she has to say.Q: Why did you start your blog at the age of 15?

I started my blog at 15 as I felt this was the age where I became more aware of the differences between myself and my peers. It was also the age where I experienced deterioration and therefore did not know who to turn to during this time. As I became more aware of CP in general I felt that my blog could fill a gap in the internet with my aims being to promote honesty and the fact that a happy life can still be lived.

Q: I use a wheelchair or I walk and I was wondering what the feeling you have when you are using either one because I get a feeling like I have power when I am walking?

I feel that when I am in my wheelchair I have more options. I am not having to worry about falling over or knocking into someone and I am able to use my hands more easily if I was doing a speech if I used m chair. However I can feel on edge if I am in my chair and am not in control. If I am walking with my stick I feel a bigger sense of achievement and do feel like I am doing more, as well as being more confident within myself. However walking can make me more focused on my surroundings to ensure that I do not fall and hurt myself.

Q: As an ambassador how do you see the CP community?  

I see the CP community to be a very open and loving place. I see a range of people who all inspire me personally. I see so many people that I am able to connect with and I feel together we can provide a more powerful message. I see a community of people who are not afraid to tell the truth and show the good and bad sides of CP, I commend those people for sharing a piece of themselves with the world. Within the CP community it is extremely diverse and I believe that this means we can all learn from each other to succeed in life.

Q: How does you make you feel to have a disability in this world today and do people that work with or help see you differently because you have a disability?

Having a disability can make me frustrated, but it can make me proud. I believe it has given me a purpose in life that I wouldn’t have without it, it has allowed me to be open and express myself more than most. Yet I believe having a disability has allowed me to steadily grow more confident within myself and appreciate so much more. I am aware that others may see me as different, this for a fact is going to happen. Despite this I hope they see me as different but see that this difference of mine is so minor in the grand scheme of things. I hope to show others that I can achieve what they can with a disability and not because of it. I hope my achievements are respected at the same level as an able bodied person and that I am so much more than a person who has CP.

Q: I been to college and it didn’t work out so well for me and I was wondering if college is easy or hard for you on different levels?

I have found education extremely challenging at times, regardless of my disability. However I have managed to stay in education which could be considered a big achievement. I have learnt that having the right support in place to be fundamental for my success, but also that I may need more help then initially anticipated. Education is challenging for everyone but with the adaptations put in place it has allowed me to succeed in this level. On the other hand, I also believe that it is due to my passion for learning that has been a strong driving force for my success and continued attainment while at university.

Q:  You are as busy as me, with your blog,school, and writing books how do you manage to do everything?

I am an extremely busy person, some people may argue that I am too busy. The secret to managing everything is to pace yourself, to not over do things and to try and take things steady. This may sound easy but in practice this is very hard, and is something I am still learning how to do. I enjoy every aspect whether that is writing, blogging or school work- this has helped massively when been faced with a massive workload. By blog and writing is a hobby which I consider to be ‘down time’ so university work would always be prioritised over this. Saying that, it is important to do other thing then just work, something I am also still learning! I believe being organised has also helped, everything I need to do is written out in lists with all of the dates written down. Just try not to take on too much and find joy in everything you do!


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